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Love spell reviews

 Love magic has always existed and will exist. To my way, however, the distinction between doing good or evil, there is one factor. FREE WILL. If you carry your requests to the Universe, whether in the form of magic or prayers, without doing anything by force, without looping, then such a magic charm is simply positive.  
Love spells reviews

1. attracting the right partner, opening up to love, speeding up getting to know the right person

2. clearing the way between partners. If only there is an opportunity, willingness, and something is muddled, then hearts to each other will open.

3. strengthen the relationship. Here, too, as long as it does not violate free will, the couple is surrounded by beautiful, appropriate energy.

What I do not perform is vodoo sepll . Why?

1. the price for such a ritual, it's not just the fat thousands you'll pay the doer. That would be the least of the problems. Remember that our highest good in the Universe, is free Will. And if you violate this good in any way, the Universe will demand payment from you. What might that be? A broken leg, an accident, the illness of a loved one, the birth of a sick child, the departure of a partner you love, mental illness, your own illness. In fact, I could list for a long time any misfortune that could be your payoff.

2. it is not true that a magician, if he knows at all such one of the other what they advertise on the "internets" what a conjuring looks like, will protect and defend you. Most conjurers simply do love spells that are not dangerous, they just may not work. If anyone does conjuring, he will protect himself for this incarnation, he will not look at the happiness or unhappiness of the client, easy came easy went, he will be next. And it will succeed for him. But only for this incarnation.

3) By casting a voodoo spell we summon demons in order to possess, possess and enslave someone.

4 There is no escaping punishment, sooner or later. And the procurer and the doer. And I like to take care of my ass.
How does a person behave then?

1) There is no spark in the eyes.

2. he destroys himself for that other person

3. destroys loved ones for that one person

4. he neglects himself

5. he neglects work

6. Doesn't feel love, when asked about it, he says he doesn't love, but goes like an alcoholic to vodka, to that person

7. has insane ideas

8. has insane eyesight

9. says things that one has never heard from him before

10. he loses weight, gets ugly, loses value

11. He becomes a shadow of a man.

12. becomes illogical in his actions

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 Yantra (yantra) - happiness and protection in a maze of shapes

 Yantra (yantra) - happiness and protection in a maze of shapes

Yantra (the word is derived from Sanskrit) is a mystical diagram found mainly in the Tantric religion of India. Yantras, for there are many of them, are used to worship deities in temples or at home, as a talisman or to aid in meditation. In classical Sanskrit, Yantra means "instrument, ingenuity, apparatus." And it is precisely an instrument that helps us contact a higher dimension, a given quality of deity or planet that we need for the moment.
Inscribed in Yantras are mantras or syllables, essentially "thought forms" that exert their influence on energy through sound vibrations.
Yantras are usually associated with a particular deity and are used in meditations, as protection from harmful influences, to develop special abilities, to attract wealth and success, etc. They are often used in daily ritual practices, worn as a talisman or used as an aid in meditation.
Each Yantra represents the deity that is the subject of the particular meditation. These Yantras emanate from a central point, called a bindu. The Yantra usually has several geometric shapes radiating concentrically from the center, including triangles, circles, hexagons, octagons and symbolic lotus petals. The outside is often an off-camber square representing the four sides of the world, with a door to each.
Yantras can be flat or three-dimensional. They can be painted on paper, stamped in metal or in any flat surface. They appear smaller and less colorful than mandalas.
Yantras are used as good luck talismans. They ward off evil, assist in preventive medicine, and use their power in exorcisms. When a Yantra is used as a talisman, it is seen as a deity that can be invoked at the will of the wearer. According to tradition, they are consecrated and invigorated by a priest using mantras that are closely associated with a particular deity and Yantra. Practitioners believe that those meditation tools that are not energized with mantras are dead.

Elements and symbolism

Yantras are a combination of geometric shapes and images and inscribed mantras in Sanskrit. There are triangles, hexagrams, circles and lotuses from 4 to 1,000 petals on them. Shiva and Shakta Yantras often contain triangles. The patterns of modern Yantras did not differ from those given in ancient texts. The sound of the mantra is as important as the form of the Yantra , because its sound is a condensation of matter.


The use of colors is entirely symbolic. Each is used to signify inner states of consciousness. White/red/black is one of the most significant color combinations. White stands for purity, red for activation, power, black represents the quality of inertia. The different colors also signify certain aspects of the particular goddess to which a particular Yantra is assigned. Aesthetics and artistry are meaningless in Yantras if they are not based on the symbolism of colors and geometric shapes.


The focal point of traditional Yantras is the bindu or point, which is the centerpiece of the deity associated with the Yantra. The deity's retinue is often depicted in geometric parts around the center. The bindu in a Yantra can be a dot or a small circle, or it can remain invisible.It represents the point from which all creation emanates.


Most Hindu Yantras are triangles. Downward triangles indicate the representation of the feminine aspect of God or Shakti. Upward triangles, on the other hand, represent the masculine aspect and the god Shiva.


Hexagrams are two equilateral triangles, intertwined together, representing the union of the male and female aspects of divinity or Shiva and Shakti.

 Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens)

 Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens), called the Sacred Tree by the Spanish, grows abundantly in South America. Today almost every spiritually developing person associates it, for the sake of its many properties, acting on people on the physical and metaphysical planes, bringing relief to body and soul. Here you will learn what Palo Santo is, its properties and how to use it.


The first references to the Sacred Tree can be found in accounts dating back to the Inca tribe. Since the dawn of time, it has been an essential part of shamanic practices, ceremonies, rituals and meditations. In recent times it has become quite famous, among other things, because it is an important part of the Ayahuasca ceremony.


Palo Santo is excellent for working with negative energies. Its power makes all the energies that are not favorable either to us or to the people in our immediate surroundings leave us while we are fumigating the apartment. With the help of the Holy Tree, one can also cleanse the aura. Meanwhile, its grounding properties, combined with cleansing properties, perfectly support the Ayahuasca ceremony.

Palo Santo neutralizes tensions in the body. It calms the emotions, harmonizes the mind, and has a calming effect. Its unique fragrance shows a salutary effect in case of stress.  In addition, Holy Tree supports our body during the occurrence of colds, flu, asthma, migraine or motion sickness. It exhibits antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, and also fights viral and fungal infections. One Cuban medical study showed that the essential oils in it inhibited the growth of MCF-7 breast cancer.

According to a 2012 study, the essential oil contained in Palo Santo is largely composed of limonene (the same substance found in the peel of lemons, among others, and responsible for their fragrance). Limonene is a substance with many valuable properties, including insect repellent and insecticidal, hence it is used in natural insect repellents. This is why the smell of the Holy Tree repels insects. Scientists also believe that it is the action of limonene that gives Palo Santo its pain-relieving and anti-stress effect.

The South American people also believe that cleansing oneself with the smoke of this incense promotes a good life, brings good luck and attracts life's opportunities.  Thus, it is worth using it whenever we think about taking on new activities or face professional, love or personal challenges.

Ways to use Palo Santo:

Because of the fragrant qualities of the Holy Tree, you can use it as an air freshener by placing it in any room in your home or car. The natural, unburned form will spread a pleasant aroma wherever you stay.
When the Holy Tree is burned, essential oils are released. It is these that have the power to affect negative energies. Cleansing your home and aura will help you fend off bad energy.
The smoke of burning wood effectively repels mosquitoes and other insects.

Palo Santo is very practical - it can be extinguished at any time and then lit later.

Legend of the Sacred Tree

The legend of the origin of the Palo Santo is an extremely beautiful love story from a time when the world was just beginning to exist and the Earth was inhabited by only a handful of people.
One day the handsome and virtuous Cosakait fell in love with a girl. Despite numerous attempts and strenuous efforts, his affection was not reciprocated. The young man suffered from unfulfilled love, but he could not stop loving the chosen one of his heart.
One day Cosakait's body was overwhelmed by a deadly fever. On his deathbed, he wished that he could stay with his beloved forever. To decorate her hair with beautiful flowers, to repel insects with her scent, to perfume the water with which she would wash her face.
God could not give Cosakait the love of his chosen one, but decided to fulfill the wish he had made, just before his death. Soon after, the young man joined the ranks of the dead. The dead man's body was buried by the river.
One day Cosakait's chosen heart strolled near his grave. Something inspired her to stop exactly where the body of the man whose courtship she had rejected rested. She felt the impulse and put her palms into the ground. She felt its cold touch. Cosait's spirit began to materialize in the form of a bud, from which grew a magnificent tree, full of beautiful buds. One of them the girl put in her hair.
The scent of the flower repelled insects, the water took on flavor because of it, a beautiful fragrance spread around her person. The girl fell in love with the tree with the pure love she could not give to the young man. In turn, he remained by her side forever. The Holy Tree became a symbol of true love. One that expects nothing in return. A love that is stronger than death.

The color green in magic

The color green in magic

This color is attributed to the Archangel Raphael. And this one, in turn, for healing, including on the physical level of our lives. Our heart chakra vibrates with this color.
What can it be used for in candle magic, colors, knots, pouches, stones?

1. it heals on the spiritual level

2. heals on the physical level

3. heals on the emotional level

4. any new beginnings can be started with this color, because it is the color of growth of new ventures.

5.Intentional candles can be burned for finding new and creative work

6. it is calming and neutralizing, including other spells

7. used in ritual activities for healing, hope,

8. needed in meditation

9. removes jealousy and dishonesty from our environment

10. rituals for fertility

11. rituals for success

12. protective rituals for health, family, property, work

Green stones indicated for health, but also for overactive people. They support the treatment of asthma, allergies, back pain, fever, hay fever, neuralgia, hemorrhoids, ulcers, heart disease, high blood pressure.

 How to cope after a breakup

 How to cope after a breakup

Magical and less magical ways

1. Remember that a breakup needs to be borne away. Allow yourself to feel sadness, grief anger, spite. Usually if you call me, after breakups, you ladies are very scared...because I don't know how to wish him well. Remember that most often emotions are bubbling up in you, and grief and anger are thrown out in this way. If after every breakup every delinquent was affected by the curse of a betrayed partner, there would be only cursed people walking around the world. This is one way of throwing off your grief...don't add the additional stress of feeling that hellfire awaits you for thinking badly about the person who did you wrong.

2.  Don't look for fault in yourself. It is said that the breakup of a relationship is the fault of two people. This is not always the case, infidelity, brawls, and the inconvenience you may have suffered are not your fault. Don't let yourself think that someone might rape you because you wear a dress that is too short. Don't go down that road. There will still be time for reflection. For now, you must not add to your pain, but sort out your emotions and thoughts. You're not too old, you're too ugly, you're too nervous, the reason is not that you didn't make Lord and Lord's dinners. Put such thoughts away from you.

3. Understand that it takes time to cope alone in life. It's different conditions and a different reality. You have to earn money, embrace yourself, children. You won't do it right away. After time, you usually find that your partner was a millstone around your neck instead of a help. Once you get over yourself, get some peace of mind, you really won't want the Lord And Lord of Shosh, to come back and clutter up your arranged existence with his selfishness again. Give yourself time.

4. Understand that most often you miss Family, Home, not Him. Something was arranged, familiar. Now you have to adjust to a different reality. It is not easy, but what a GREAT you will be afterwards.

5. Remember that I do not know a woman who did not manage. You can cope and YOU can too.

6. Organize your time. If your head is only thinking about what was, what if, you will have a harder time getting yourself together. If you go into your favorite activity, or into the potato field, your tired head won't have the strength to create bizarre trolls. It will be easier. Push your thoughts away for 90 seconds. Sing a silly song, turn on a good movie. This will work.

7. Remember that there is a difference between sadness and scratching wounds.

8. Movement causes an increase in endorphins, so get moving. Your head will gain, and as you improve your figure, let grandpa look at what he lost and regret. A two-in-one way.

9.  Break contact completely. As much as you can (the issue of children). Do not boat that you will remain in friendship and camaraderie. Of course, such cases also happen, but the time to do it is at that time, when your heart will already be healthy, happy and set. Don't sprinkle salt on the wound.

10. Get back to people. It is very common that family responsibilities, partner responsibilities, push you away from colleagues and friends. Return to old contacts, open yourself to new ones. And never again let yourself be locked into a golden cage, where if your canary flies away you will remain in it alone.

11. Remember that a happy life consists of.

a.) Of health

b.) Of friends

c.) From family

d.) From a good passion

e.) From cool food

f.) From trips

g.) From a cozy home

h.) From a good movie

i.) From a hobby

j.) From spending time creatively

k.) Of children

l.) From the cat

m.) Of relaxation

I could go on listing for so long. Really your departed guy is not the navel of the Universe, he is only one component of your happiness. And really, as I sit here and write, to a large extent this Lord and Ruler can be replaced by a positive partner. But if you develop yourself, your life, for yourself and for people, this particle will not detract from your happiness for long. Even if you had to remain alone for a while. Remember to take a lesson from the breakup in the future: bet on yourself, and let the partnership be a situation that will give you energy and joy and not an affliction. You can do everything and you don't have to do anything.

12. You are not half of an apple. You are an independent being who contentedly can function well in this Universe. Alone, with someone. It doesn't matter. The important thing is not to make a relationship the only alternative for life. Because a relationship really is not it. It is known, in a herd it is easier. But AT HOME AND IN A RELATIONSHIP YOU ARE TO FEEL SAFE< AND NOT TO FIGHT. The world is already too messed up to fight with loved ones anyway. Bet on yourself. And being a person of value, you will achieve anything.

13.Give yourself time and start developing.

14. On an energetic level to cut off sadness after a broken relationship, the separation ritual and cutting off the strings are best used. You can find both on my channel Joanna Wisniewska Fairy on YT.

15. remember that life brings so many surprises that in a year's time you may find that you are the happiest person in the world in the happiest partnership.

Love spell reviews

 Love magic has always existed and will exist. To my way, however, the distinction between doing good or evil, there is one factor. FREE WIL...